Soaring Cliffs is one of the three hidden Dragon Sanctuaries, along with Wyrmroost. Soaring Cliffs is often considered to be the most chaotic and dangerous of the Dragon Sanctuaries.

In the books

In Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, Trask mentions that he and Mara have been on a mission to Soaring Cliffs. The mission took place between the events in Grip of the Shadow Plague and Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary. During the mission Trask and Mara interviewed a pair of adolescent dragons.

In Dragonwatch, Bracken is sent to defend Soaring Cliffs from dragons trying to overthrow the sanctuary. One reason Bracken goes is because Ronodin has been spotted inside the walls. At the end of Dragonwatch, news is delivered that Soaring Cliffs has fallen.

In Wrath of the Dragon King(WotDK), it is mentioned that Lomo son of Targon went on a mission for the Knights of the Dawn here about five years prior to the events of WotDK. It could be the same mission as the one mentioned already, but Lomo got captured shortly after the end of Book 3.