Stan Sorenson is a caretaker of Fablehaven, along with his wife, Ruth Sorenson. he is the father of Scott Sorenson and the paternal grandfather of Kendra and Seth.

Fablehaven series


In the first book, Stan leaves clues about the true nature of the preserve, in hopes that Kendra and Seth will discover the truth, which they eventually do. On Midsummer's Eve Seth, in a moment of bad judgment, makes it possible for evil creatures to enter the house, and Stan, along with Lena, is kidnapped and held hostage by the witch, Muriel, at the Forgotten Chapel where she is endeavoring to free the demon Bahumat. For most of the first book, Stan's wife, spends much of the first book in the form of the chicken, Goldilocks. He was attempting to find a way to turn her back without using Muriel's powers and freeing her.

Rise of the Evening Star

Stan joins with allies sent to Fablehaven by the Sphinx, in order to retrieve the sacred artifact from the preserve before their enemies take it. Their home is taken over by the Society of the Evening Star, while Stan and Ruth are imprisoned in the dungeon that lies beneath the house.

Grip of the Shadow Plague

Stan gets turned into a shadow after he decides to go after the artifact in the old manor.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

Stan becomes the new captain of the Knights of the Dawn and regrettably informs his grandchildren that the Society of the Evening Star has kidnapped their parents.

Keys to the Demon Prison

Stan and others are captured by the Sphinx during an attempt to rescue Seth from Living Mirage.


Stan and Ruth pass the mantle of Caretaker of Fablehaven to Hank and Gloria Larsen so that they can accompany their grandchildren Kendra and Seth to Wyrmroost. There, Kendra and Seth become co-caretakers of Wyrmroost in an attempt to reinforce the magical protection of the Blackwell Keep while Stan and Ruth are their advisors.

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