Nearly extinct, this magical fruit is actually a living entity with the power to clone a person. A stingbulb tree produces just a few pieces of fruit per year. This fruit must be used within a narrow window of time or it becomes useless.

After stinging a subject, the bulb will grow slowly and look like a large purple yam. Next, there will be a crunching, cracking sound, and part of the clone will break through the purplish husk. Before long, the entire clone emerges as an exact replica of the original, even down to the clothing.

It takes about 90 minutes for the metamorphosis to occur, and the clone only survives for three or four days. While it is animated, it retains most of the memories of its host but has its own consciousness. Stingbulb clones are single-mindedly loyal and will obey the commands given to them after they are created.

In book 4, Kendra is kidnapped and replaced by a stingbulb imposter who attempts to pass secrets to the Society of the Evening Star.


Stingbulbs are native to the Living Mirage preserve.

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