The Talking Animals are animals that can talk and are as intelligent as any human. They live longer than normal animals (which is implied to be even longer than humans as Patton Burgess met Hinto the Great and Hinto's successor was Raj Faranah), and some tend to be bigger than the norm of their species.

They live in various preserves, with the Zowali Protectorate located at Wyrmroost being the largest and most organized community of them, though there are Talking Animals that live in the wild, posing as dumb and mute normal animals, some might live among humans as pets without revealing their ability to talk, and some even live in luxury as zoo animals.

They can hear news and gossip from Talking Birds to communicate from distant locations.

Talking Animals are very protective of their ability to speak, and so mute members of their species are sent away to prevent their muteness from being passed onto future generations. Some of the mute Luvians are sent to Blackwell Keep.

Known Talking Animals


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