Tammy was a young woman who lived on the secret preserve of Lost Mesa. She accompanied Dougan Fisk, Gavin Rose, Warren, and Kendra up to the top of the Painted Mesa to help them disable the traps within. She was killed by a hawk-like kachina when it yanked her into the sky and threw her off the Painted Mesa, causing her to fall to her death.

Tammy had previously navigated the majority of Painted Mesa on a previous mission with Javier and Zack, the latter of which was killed by Chalize in the process, prompting the other two to turn back. At the time, they thought they succeeded in exiting unscathed because of chance, but it was later revealed that the guardians had already been defeated and the artifact removed by Patton, making the vault as a whole already conquered and escape possible. It was because of her prior experience that the second team was able to make it all the way to the vault.


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