The Tauran Maze holds the Soul of Grunhold deep inside a hill topped by warding stones. The Tauran Maze's protective, invisible walls are laced with fatal spells. Any intruder who touches them will be instantly struck down. Such contact also raises an alarm. At the heart of the almost unsolvable maze awaits Udnar the Mountain Troll as a final obstacle.

The entrance to the maze lies beneath the southernmost warding stone, which is too large to move and is bound in place by a spell. However, each night, two hours before dawn, the warding stones march for an hour, trading places. For that hour of the night, while the stones are marching, the entrance to the maze lies uncovered.

The walls of the maze are not invisible to Shadow Charmers, and so, Seth stole the Soul of Grunhold (Bracken's First Horn) from the centaurs in Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary.

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