Tess is the maternal cousin of Kendra and Seth Sorenson. She is the younger sister to Knox and is considered the more imaginative of the two, being called very perceptive by fairies even though she had never drank the milk.

However it is possible that she is able to perceive the fairies even though she does not truly see them, as she seemed to hear them speak and was even able to notice their gowns, as even the fairies seemed to believe Tess could see them for a moment.

Towards the end of the book she refers to the fairies as they truly are implying that she knows the truth.

Wrath of the Dragon King

It is revealed that Tess can in fact see and interact with the fairies even without drinking the milk.

Master of the Phantom Isle

It is revealed that the reason Tess doesn't require the milk and enjoys such amicability with the fairies as she somehow became Fairystruck.

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