"Dragon Sanctuaries are unlike any other preserve you may have visited. Some protections are usually afforded to the caretaker, who also serves as the gatekeeper. Otherwise there are no protections for visitors. These sanctuaries were founded as a home for creatures too large and powerful to cohabit with the beings at the more traditional preserves." - Trask

There are seven Dragon Sanctuaries in total, all containing monsters, creatures, and dragons, all of which are too powerful and dangerous to be kept, managed, or contained in traditional preserves.

While four are technically open to human visitation, three Sanctuaries are closed off to visitors, these ones being the sanctuaries that behold a Dragon Temple. The most famous of these prohibited sanctuaries is Wyrmroost, where dwells Celebrant the Just, the Dragon King. Two of his sons each rule one of the other probitied sanctuaries with temples.

The Dragon Sanctuaries were created by Dragonwatch, and were the first preserves. They were founded somewhere between 1000 B.C. and the Dark Ages.

There was a Tibetan Sanctuary mentioned as the location of a Jinn Harp. Later, Frosted Peaks was confirmed to be in the Himalayas, so this shrine is either in a preserve mistakenly refered to as a Sanctuary, or Frosted Peaks is in the Tibetan Himalayas.

Isla del Dragón and Crescent Lagoon are mentioned in different series (the first in Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, Fablehaven #4, and the second in Wrath of the Dragon King, Dragonwatch #2) but Crescent Lagoon is refered to as "the island sanctuary" indicating that it is the only Sanctuary to be located on an island. Isla del Dragón translated to Dragon Island, which would indicate that that Sanctuary is also located on an island.

According to the decription of The Wrath of the Dragon King, by that time two of the seven sanctuaries have fallen. One is Soaring Cliffs, the other one is Crescent Lagoon, the island sanctuary.

A sanctuary by the name of Titan Valley is mentioned in Wrath of the Dragon King (chapter: Incarcerated). It is one of the closed sanctuaries with a Temple in it.

number name location status Caretaker (Current) Caretaker


#1 Wyrmroost Montana closed Kendra, Seth 3 Unknown, Agad, Camarat, Celebrant
#2 Frosted Peaks The Himalayas, Tibet ? ? ?
#3 Isla del Dragόn ? open ? ?
#4 Soaring Cliffs ? fallen None Agad
#5 Crescent Lagoon ? fallen None ?
#6 Titan Valley ? closed ? ?
#7 ? ? ? ? ?