Totem Wall

Totem Wall.png

The Totem Wall in British Columbia is an enormous wall of hundreds of different totems that together guard the Alder Door, which holds Vasilis, the sword of Light and Darkness. The sword is guarded by Morisant, one of the Wizards that helped with the building of Zzyzx. It is also protected by a legion of Corporeal Entities controlled by Morisant.

The Totem Wall uses some form of Oracle power to gather or collect information like the Singing Sisters.

In Keys to the Demon Prison, Seth came to an agreement with four of the totems (Anyu the Hunter, Chu the Beaver, Yuralria the Dancer, and Tootega the Crone) that if he promised he would exterminate the evil behind the Alder Door, he could attempt to retrieve Vasilis. Seth succeded and the wall no longer house any evil.


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