1. REDIRECT Template:Object infoboxTransdimensional Transporters are unique magical gateways. These items are used in pairs for traveling instantly from one place to another. Each pair of objects shares physical space. Both portals are separate manifestations of the same object, so the contents therein inhabit two spaces simultaneously. To use, the rider enters one portal, says the destination if necessary, and can then be assisted out of the other end. Without outside assistance, the occupant can only exit the portal he or she initially entered.

Grip of the Shadow Plague

Tanu journeys to Rio Branco to leave one of two old-fashioned tin washtubs for Maddox to return home in. Tanu attempted to leave through the tub, but was unable. The second tub had been placed in the secret side of the attic at Fablehaven. As of Master of the Phantom Isle, both tubs are still in their respective locations.

Coulter demonstrates the concept of transdimensional transporters to Kendra and Seth by using a pair of tin cans that function the same way as the tub, but on a smaller scale. Presumably still at Fablehaven, the exact whereabouts of the cans are unknown.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

Unbeknownst to the Sorensons at the time, the Maddox that eventually came through the tub in the attic was a conniving stingbulb.


Agad sets up a pair of barrels to link Fablehaven to Wyrmroost. This gateway is known to have been used by Kendra, Seth, Agad, Bracken, Stan Sorenson, Ruth Sorenson, Newel, Doren, Calvin, Mendigo, Knox, and Tess. The barrel at Wyrmroost was guarded by a goblin, instructed to inform Marat of any and all visitors.

Wrath of the Dragon King

After Knox leaves the keys to the Fablehaven dungeon with Slaggo, an unknown saboteur from Fablehaven is thought to come through to Wyrmroost, killing the goblin guard and hiding the barrel. The Wyrmroost barrel is then used by Mendigo to bring Seth to Ronodin at an unknown location.

Master of the Phantom Isle

Agad finds out that the Fablehaven barrel was brought by Slaggo to the Sphinx at Goblin Town. The Sphinx brought it to Ronodin in the Under Realm. It was used by Seth and the Sphinx to infiltrate the Blackwell Keep dungeon in their mission to liberate the Blackwell. When they weren't using it, Ronodin hid it deep underwater. According to Agad, the connection remained, but it was essentially unusable because the pressure alone might kill a person once through.


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