Trask is a trusted member of the Knights of the Dawn and a detective. He has dark skin and is tall and bald. He is said to look serious and alert. In battle, Trask will commonly use a large crossbow that can hold two bolts. Trask is described to have a no-nonsense tone to his voice. His personality is serious, unafraid and flexible. On occasion Trask will joke around. Trask is a skilled dragon tamer.

Book Appearances

Trask first appears in Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary. He is sent to investigate Kendra's apparent death. He takes Kendra back to Fablehaven after she escapes Torina Barker's mansion. Trask joins the group that goes to Wyrmroost in search of the key Patton Burgess hid.

Book Five: Keys to the Demon Prison

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