Trolls are a type of Dark Creature. Some Trolls are bulky and strong while others are small like Bubda. Some are intelligent and cunning like Nero but some are quite dumb like the Mountain Troll Udnar.

In Fablehaven, Nero the Cliff Troll helped Seth, Kendra, and Ruth Sorenson find Stan Sorenson and Lena using his Seeing Stone during the events of the release of the Demon Bahumat.

In Grip of the Shadow Plague, Nero was bitten by corrupted Dwarves but since Trolls are already Dark Creatures, the shadow plague didn't have any effect on him.

In Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, Nero teaches Seth about his new role as a Shadow Charmer and helps him with some of his new powers. Seth befriends the Mountain Troll Udnar at Grunhold in order to steal the Soul of Grunhold. They also meet Bubda, a Hermit Troll that lived inside of the magical Knapsack.

In Keys to the Demon Prison, Seth met two River Trolls, Tibbut and Gromlet, at the Singing Sisters' island.

In Dragonwatch, Kendra, Seth, and Henrick meets the Gate Troll Grimp, who made a claim on a bridge at Wyrmroost but after Henrick revoked the claim, he called for Dire Bears that chased them for a while.

In Wrath of the Dragon King, Grippa, the Ridge Troll at Blackwell Keep, hands Seth the Sword of Tregain, a pair of Fleet Boots, and the Vial of Horrors aswell as giving Kendra the Bow of Plenty and a Sack of Gales. Later, he gave Newel the Cloak of Innocence.

Known Subspecies of Trolls


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