Warren Burgess is the younger brother of Dale Burgess and a second cousin to Kendra and Seth Sorenson. He is a member of the Knights of the Dawn. He is a great grandnephew of Patton Burgess. He has dark curly hair, hazel eyes, and is described to be extremely handsome by Kendra.


Warren is only mentioned in this book as catatonic albino, whose presence justifies why Dale so faithfully works for the Sorensons. He was also revealed to be on a mission before he became an albino.

Rise of the Evening Star

He is introduced to Kendra and Seth as a catatonic albino. Dale reveals that Warren was a member of the Knights of the Dawn, and came to Fablehaven in search of the artifact. After Seth pulls the nail from the revenant, Warren is shocked out of his catatonic state. Warren and Kendra navigate the Inverted Tower and retrieve the Sands of Sanctity. The Sands of Sanctity also revert him from his albino state.

Grip of the Shadow Plague

in response to Vanessa's accusations against the Sphinx, Warren goes on a special mission to find proof that the Sphinx is a traitor. Warren, Tanu, and Coulter take Kendra to the United Gathering. After the meeting, Warren joins Kendra, Dougan, and Gavin on a mission to Lost Mesa to recover another artifact, only to find that Patton moved the Chronometer to the old manor at Fablehaven. Before and during the mission, he interrogates Dougan about the identity of the Captain of the Knights. Warren helps the team reach the old manor without the milk but is soon transformed into a shadow by Ephira. After the the shadow plague is stopped, he and the others are restored.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

He and Elise are assigned to watch over Kendra and Seth, eventually discovering that a stingbulb was posing as Kendra, who had actually been kidnapped by Torina. After helping rescue Kendra, Warren and the Knights go to Wyrmroost in search of the key to the Translocator. Early in the mission, Warren is gored by a peryton and medicated in the knapsack. After his reveal, Navarog traps Warren in the knapsack by destroying it.

Keys to the Demon Prison

After the Knights retrieve the Translocator, Warren is rescued from the knapsack. As part of the mission to Living Mirage, he is dropped off as the fail-safe. When the Society is overthrown by Graulas, the Sphinx enlists Warren, Bracken, and Kendra to find and protect the Eternals. After all the Eternals are killed, Warren and the last of the Knights journey to Shoreless Isle to take part in the Battle of Zzyzx. En route to Shoreless Isle, Bracken reveals that Warren and Vanessa were once romantically involved.


Warren is mentioned to be on a mission along with Vanessa.

Master of the Phantom Isle

Warren comes briefly to Wyrmroost, alerted to the situation by Raxtus, meeting Knox, Tess, and Calvin for the first time. He is accompanied by Vanessa, now his girlfriend, and Andromadus, and with a canoe that functions like the transportation barrels. It is revealed that he reclaimed part of Crescent Lagoon after it fell, reactivating the moai at the lagoon by giving it his baseball card of Carson Sears, an obscure batter, who he called Uncle Carson due to his friendship with Warren's dad.

He later joins all of the major outings by the group on Crescent Lagoon, including venturing to the corrupted sacred pool, where he helps taunt the triclops Mombatu; aiding in the recovery of the Fool's Treasure at Desperation Beach; and venturing to the sea using the Elixir of Dry Depths, for which he is given the sword Seaslayer by Savani, since he is the best swordsman in the group, (though he mentions that Vanessa may actually be better).

On Kendra's return from the Phantom Isle, he, along with Knox, are most upset by Kendra's having slipped away on her own.


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