Wizards are men with powerful magical abilities. In book 3 a fellow Knight of the Dawn tells Kendra of a Warlock who has the ability to create dullions. Further in the book, Warren explains to Kendra that powerful wizards used to be the only ones who could successfully contend with dragons. Agad, in book 4 reveals himself as a wizard, and explains that all true wizards were dragons who have chosen to permanently remain in their human forms. Archadius was the first wizard who discovered that his magical abilities were greatly focused when a dragon chooses human form permanently. Wizards, as mentioned before, are dragons who gave up their dragon form for heightened magical abilities. It is not known if Warlocks were once dragons as well or whether they are either humans with magical gifts or some other form of magical creature that only resembles a human.


Wizards resemble humans in every way. True Wizards resemble older humans. In the stories all of the wizard are males and, for the most part, resemble old men. At least one female dragon that became mortal went on to call herself an enchantress instead of a wizard.


Wizards, after perminently giving up their dragon form, have their magical gifts intesified to an enormous degree. The extent of their magic is unknown but they use spells and control a large variety of magical gifts.

True Wizards

  • Archadius - Discovered that becoming a human permenently produced stronger magic
  • Agad - Pupil of Morisant, one of the five wizards who created Zzyzx, a founding memeber of Dragonwatch, and the fourth caretaker of Wyrmroost.
  • Mirav - A dark wizard, memeber of the Society of the Evening Star
  • Egar - Mentioned only once in WotDK by Grippa, he/she helped create the short sword of Tregain
  • Vernaz - Mentioned twice in WotDK, he helped Agad reconstruct Mendigo, but installed a remote access feature for the Sphinx and Ronodin