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Wyrmroost was one of the three closed dragon sanctuaries, located north of Montana in the United States of America. Its gate could only be opened with a unicorn's first horn, and it was shielded by one of the most potent distracter spells ever enacted.



The sanctuary was founded by Archadius, the first wizard, during the Age of Dragons. As a forbidden sanctuary, it is home to one of the three Dragon Temples, this one housing the Sage's Gauntlets.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

The Knights of the Dawn braved Wyrmroost to claim the key to the Dreamstone from the Dragon Temple. On the way, they were introduced to Agad at Blackwell Keep. As they ventured into the temple, they were forced to kill the three guardians and flee, but not before an ambush exposed Gavin as Navarog.

Keys to the Demon Prison

In their attempts to protect the Eternals, Bracken and Kendra intended to fly them to Wyrmroost to keep them safe from the Society of the Evening Star, but none made it. Raxtus then flew to Wyrmroost and enlisted help from Agad and some dragons at the Battle of Zzyzx.


Fablehaven got a surprise visit from the wizard Agad. With the impending risk of a "new age of dragons," he helps instate them as co-caretakers of Wyrmroost with Celebrant in the hopes that their mortal natures will reinforce the protections at Blackwell Keep. Once they realize the defenses can only be fortified by the lost scepter, Kendra and Seth explore the sanctuary for information, being introduced to the Fair Folk, the Somber Knight, and Dromadus, who help them reach the Path of Dreams, where the scepter is finally retrieved. With the defenses at Blackwell Keep repaired and the perch replaced, Kendra and Seth are finally recognized as formidable caretakers.

Wrath of the Dragon King

Kendra and Seth had to attend to a feast at Skyhold. They used griffins to get there as fast as possible, where Celebrant openly declared war against his fellow caretakers. Kendra and Seth end up walking back to Blackwell Keep when their griffins are killed by some hill giants. They use the Safe Roads as protection all the way to Blackwell Keep, but they got forced off the road by theTaurans. After some trouble, they all make it to the Zowali Protectorate, and prepare to go after the Wizenstone at Stormguard Castle. After many casualties, Kendra manages to send the Wizenstone away with the Banishment Rod. Seth, his memories recently lost, is kidnapped from Blackwell Keep and taken to Ronodin.

Master of the Phantom Isle

In the aftermath of the contest for the Wizenstone, Seth was manipulated into reentering Blackwell Keep and freeing the undead from the Blackwell, which leads to the fall of Wyrmroost. Kendra is subsequently freed from her obligations to Wyrmroost and joins the Knights of the Dawn to reinstate Crescent Lagoon.



The highest position at Wyrmroost, and all other preserves, is the caretaker. This individual makes all major decisions regarding the sanctuary as a whole, and also controls access to the sanctuary. At Wyrmroost, the caretaker resides solely resides at Blackwell Keep, though previously they used to split time between the Keep and the Roost, or Wyrmroost Castle, before it fell. There has been a total of eight different caretakers and co-caretakers at the sanctuary.

Caretaker Time Notes
Three unknown c. 1000 B.C. — ?
Agad ? — The fourth caretaker of Wyrmroost.
Camarat and Celebrant
Kendra Sorenson, Seth Sorenson, and Celebrant

Other staff


Magical creatures

Non-magical creatures

  • Dragonflies
  • Thrushes


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