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Wyrmroost is one of the three forbidden dragon sanctuaries, located north of Montana in the United States and closed to human interference. The gate can only be opened with a unicorn's first horn, and is shielded by one of the most potent distracter spells ever enacted.


The sanctuary was founded by Archadius, the first wizard, during the Age of Dragons. As a forbidden sanctuary, it is home to one of the three Dragon Temples, this one housing the Sage's Gauntlets.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

The Knights of the Dawn braved Wyrmroost to claim the key to the Translocator from the Dragon Temple. On the way, they were introduced to Agad at Blackwell Keep. They were forced to kill the three guardians and flee, but not before an ambush exposed Gavin as Navarog. *in progress*

Keys to the Demon Prison

In their attempts to protect the Eternals, Bracken and Kendra intend to fly them to Wyrmroost to keep them safe from the Society of the Evening Star, but none make it. Raxtus then flies to Wyrmroost and enlists help from Agad and some dragons at the Battle of Zzyzx.


Fablehaven gets a surprise visit from the wizard Agad. With the impending risk of a "new age of dragons," he helps instate them as co-caretakers of Wyrmroost with Celebrant in the hopes that their mortal natures will reinforce the protections at Blackwell Keep. Once they realize the defenses can only be fortified by the lost scepter, Kendra and Seth explore the sanctuary for information, being introduced to the Fair Folk, the Somber Knight, and Dromadus, who help them reach the Path of Dreams, where the scepter is finally retrieved. With the defenses at Blackwell Keep repaired and the Perch replaced, Kendra and Seth are finally recognized as formidable caretakers.

Wrath of the Dragon King

Kendra and Seth had to attend to a feast at Skyhold. They used griffins to get there as fast as possible, where Celebrant openly declared war against his fellow caretakers. Kendra and Seth end up walking back to Blackwell Keep when their griffins are killed by some hill giants. They use the Safe Roads as protection all the way to Blackwell Keep, but they got forced off the road by the Taurans. After some trouble, they all make it to the Zowali Protectorate, and prepare to go after the Wizenstone at Stormguard Castle. After many casualties, Kendra manages to send the Wizenstone away with the Banishment Rod. Seth, his memories recently lost, is kidnapped from Blackwell Keep and taken to Ronodin. *will fix*

Master of the Phantom Isle

In the aftermath of the contest for the Wizenstone, Seth is manipulating into reentering Blackwell Keep and freeing the undead from the Blackwell, felling the sanctuary. Kendra is subsequently freed from her obligations to Wyrmroost and joins the Knights of the Dawn to reinstate Crescent Lagoon.

Known Magical Creatures found in Wyrmroost

Magical Items found in Wyrmroost


Adjoining Meadows

The Adjoining Meadows is a domain of Haunts and Shades, and as of Wrath of the Dragon King, also the Taurans.


The Barrows is a domain of Haunts and Shades, and as of Wrath of the Dragon King, also the Taurans.


The Bewilderness is a dangerous region not far from the Zowali Protectorate, said to be so dangerous that even Dragons don't go there. It is on the border of a place called the Sentient Wood, which can be reached by a tunnel from the Protectorate. The Bewilderness is incredibly disorienting to animals and magical creatures, including Dragons.

A Greater Fairy known as Risenmay dwells at the heart of the Bewilderness, and nearly all the forest is a death trap.. The trick to navigating the Bewilderness is easier said than done, for one who ventures into the Bewilderness must always go in the direction that feels most wrong. To go in the way that feels right will lead the traveler into a fatal trap, like poisonous thorns, covered pits, monsters with limited domains. The trick to navigating the Bewilderness, is to always go against your instincts.

Various warning signs surround the border of the Bewilderness, explaining the clue to navigate the wood, charmed with an Attracter Spell to make sure those who approach the Bewilderness unaware of its nature will know what to expect.

Blackwell Keep

Blackwell Keep is the residence of the caretaker of Wyrmroost Dragon Sanctuary. Due to the uniqueness of the Wyrmroost Sanctuary predators, the caretaker, Agad , cannot venture beyond its walls. Guests can only stay on the first and last nights of their stay, otherwise they risk having the keep compromised. The keep itself is like a small, protected castle, designed to provide residence to the caretaker and protect the Blackwell.


The Blackwell is the heart of the Blackwell Keep in the Wyrmroost Dragon Sanctuary. The Blackwell contains a well of imprisoned Phantoms and other Undead beings, which is protected by potent magical fear spells and an iron door that can only be unlocked by the caretaker. Seth is drawn to the Blackwell since he can hear the voices of the prisoners begging him to let down a chain which is the only way the phantoms can escape their captivity.

Greater Map Room

The Greater Map Room is located in Blackwell Keep at Wyrmroost. It contains a large map with almost all of Wyrmroost's locations and secrets. It is much more detailed than the Smaller Map Room.


The Guardhouse is a structure at Blackwell Keep where gear can be stored.

High Hall

The High Hall is a room at Blackwell Keep. Daylight shines through leaded lancet windows onto a long stone table with twelve seats on each side. Agad uses it as his dining room.


The Perch at Blackwell Keep is where caretakers meet with Dragons. Part of the Perch were destroyed by Celebrant but Seth repaired it using the Onyx Tower he got from Thronis, the Sky Giant.

Lesser Map Room

The Lesser Map Room is located in Blackwell Keep at Wyrmroost. It contains a map with many of Wyrmroost's locations, such as lakes, Dragon caves, mountains etc. Agad, the Wizard and the former caretaker of Wyrmroost, took the Knights of the Dawn here to give them some preparation for going into Wyrmroost.

Dragon Temple

Dragon Temples are areas that have draconic guardians; one of the temples are at each forbidden sanctuary. The Temple in Wyrmroost is protected from Thronis' gazing and was guarded by three guardians: A Hydra named Hespera, a Dragon named Glommus, who makes his victims fall asleep, and a poison Dragon named Siletta.

Hidden inside are Gauntlets, that if stolen, can control Dragons. Dragons must then follow the wearer's every bidding. Seth saw what he thought were the gauntlets but Trask said that the Gauntlets were frauds (on the grounds the real Gauntlets would not be so obviously displayed) and that he suspected needles inside to kill unworthy trespassers. There are also a variety of treasures, such as the key to the vault in Obsidian Waste, the Figurines that Thronis wanted, and a Hardened Adamant Sword.

Dromadus’ Lair

Dromadus’s Lair is an enourmous underground cave, it houses the Dragon Dromadus as well as the opening to the Path of Dreams.

Fairy Queen’s Shrine

The Fairy Queen's Shrine at Wyrmroost has a golden bowl and a quartz pink statue. It lies near the domain of Thronis the Sky Giant.


Gundertun is the territory of the Gnomes, their leader, Karzal, went to the feast at Skyhold and decided to side with the caretaker, Kendra and Seth, in the war of Wyrmroost.


The Herdlands is a territory populated by Taurans, such as the moose-like Alcetaurs, the deer-like Cervitaurs, the elk-like Rumitaurs, and some Centaurs, led by Amulon, a Rumitaur.

After leading some of his people against Kendra and Seth, the Somber Knight banished the Tauran folk from the Herdlands as punishment, moving them to a lesser territory inahbited by Shades and Haunts.

Lackluster Woods

Lackluster Woods is a domain of Haunts and Shades, and as of Wrath of the Dragon King, also the Taurans.


Moonfang is the highest of the two peaks at Wyrmroost. It is the home of the king of dragons and Raxtus's father, Celebrant the Just. Thus, it is considered holy ground and no other Dragon comes near this abode.

Path of Dreams

The Path of Dreams starts at Dromadus’ Lair, he may be the only living creature that are capable of opening it nowdays. The Path of Dreams starts with a bottle containing a magical gas that puts anyone to sleep while you think that you are experiencing your worst nightmare. The Path is peculiar, even though you haven’t moved from the spot that you fell asleep at, you think that you’re in a room togheter with your worst nightmare, and you could still get hurt and die. The last step is to complete a maze guarded by a Dragon, at the end of the maze resides the magical Scepter.

The Path were created by Archadius.

Ragged Mountains

The Ragged Mountains is a mountain range in Wyrmroost where Celebrant's castle, Skyhold is located.

Raxtus' Lair

Raxtus' Lair was mentioned by Raxtus in Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary. He intended to take Kendra there after Gavin was revealed to be Navarog, but instead took shelter in a small cave. Raxtus' Lair isn't grand, but not as bad as the cave. It is located at Wyrmroost.

Road House

Road Houses are placed in strategical places at the preserve due to the vast size of Wyrmroost, the High Road is equally as lengthy to interconnect specific locations for safe travel. However, taking the High Road to locations, especially on foot, can be a long journey, depending on the destination.

That's why there are Road Houses along the High Road, each one about a day's walk from each other, and they are looked after by Brownies. They offer safety and hospitality for those traveling the High Road, including basic amenities like food and drink. They can even offer safe haven during the festival nights of the solstices and equinoxes.

Safe Road

The Safe Roads of Wyrmroost has five main roadways, which enjoy as much protection as a protected territory, since they usually connect them.

High Road

The High Road is a magically protected road that interconnects various locations across Wyrmroost. It offers powerful protection for those who travels it but only as long as they stay on the High Road. It leads directly from Blackwell Keep to Terrabelle and can also be taken to Skyhold trough Thirsty Gulch. It seems to connect Skyhold to Terrabelle rather then to Blackwell Keep.

Outer Road

The Outer Road leads to the Herdlands, connects to both Blackwell Keep and Skyhold. It also passes Stormguard Castle.

Winding Way

The Winding Way connects Terrabelle to the Zowali Protectorate, also passing the lair of Dromadus.

Safe Hut

The Safe Huts of Wyrmroost looks a lot like the ones at Fablehaven, large glass domes that gives the inhabitant protection from uninvited beings. There are atleast fifty Safe Huts across Wyrmroost.

Sentient Wood

The Sentient Wood is a forest of living and sentient trees, that can only be entered with permission, not even caretakers. The trees are conscious and think, and anything crafted from their wood comes to life. The trees are protected by the Woodlings, wooden humanoids that act on behalf of their masters, and Patton suspects the first Woodling was crafted by a Dryad or Hamadryad, and indeed, the Sentient Wood is the home of a Hamadryad by the name of Eldanore.

Sequoia Grove

The Sequoia Grove at Wyrmroost is just outside of the entrance to Dromadus' Lair. In Dragonwatch, Kendra, Seth, Henrick, and Calvin passed through here on their way to Dromadus.

Sidestep Cleft

Sidestep Cleft is a large mountain at Wyrmroost with a small passage through it. Kendra and the Knights of the Dawn used it several times in Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary.


Skyhold is Celebrant's castle and seat of power from where he rules Dragonkind. On Skyhold, there is a large castle where Kendra and Seth went when Celebrant hosted the feast in Wrath of the Dragon King.

Proving Ground

The Proving Ground of Skyhold at Wyrmroost is located inside of the castle of Skyhold, which is basically a large courtyard itself. Celebrant killed Madrigus here, and probably Rondet and Podenholm as well. 


The Sludgeholes is the domain of the Witches and Hags of Wyrmroost. Their leader, Lowly Vatka, attended to the feast at Skyhold and thinks that Kendra and Seth will fail with their job as caretaker.


Stormcrag is a large mountain where Thronis the Sky Giant lives in his mansion. He considers the area around Stormcrag to be his dominion.

Stormguard Castle

Stormguard Castle is a haunted and cursed castle that was said to once have been thriving but went dark and silent overnight. Nobody who went to investigate has ever gotten close enough to learn anything or never return at all.

Stormguard was once the heart of Wyrmroost and the castle predates the sanctuary by its connection to the Fair Folk. It was ruled by King Hollorix, who had three sons, Tregain, Heath, and Lockland.


Terrabelle is the Fair Folk community in Wyrmroost led by Lord Dalgorel For many millennia, Terrabelle has stayed out of the conflicts of the outside world even though many of the Fair Folk want to get involved. Underneath Terrabelle, in the Catacombs, lives the Somber Knight, the Dragon Slayer at Wyrmroost. Terrabelle also exports Dragon Meal, an "oatmeal" for Dragons. Producing this export gives the Dragons at Wyrmroost less of a reason to attack Terrabelle, adding to their peaceful reputation.


The Catacombs of Terrabelle is different from the Dungeons of Terrabelle. It is murky and mysterious, and it is not maintained. A stone path leads that makes multiple turns eventually transforms into a dead cave. After a while a structure comes into view, the building looks like a large tomb. Stone stairs leads up to a carved bronze doors. Only the Caretakers can access the doors through asking for admittance. A wide hall behind the doors leads to the Somber Knight's dwelling. Garreth says that nothing worse than giant rats has been reported.


The Dungeon of Terrabelle is an extremely relaxed prison. It only holds three prisoners; Lomo, the rebellious Fair Folk, Pugwig, a Giant who attacked Terrabelle around a millenia ago, he doesn't want to leave because the Dungeon has become like a home to him. And lastly, a Wereboar who comes in temporarily to resist becoming evil.

The Dungeon is much more managed and tidy than the Catacombs, where the Somber Knight resides.

Thirsty Gulch

Thirsty Gulch is an area at Wyrmroost that became flooded after the nearby Wolfsbane Reservoir was destroyed by a fight between a Dragon and some Hill Giants. The flooding also destroyed a bridge along the High Road.

Wolfsbane Reservoir

Wolfsbane Reservoir is a dam located in Wyrmroost that was destroyed by a fight between a Dragon and some Hill Giants, causing a flood into the nearby Thirsty Gulch.

Wyrmroost Castle

The Wyrmroost Castle goes by the name of the Roost was mentioned in passing in Dragonwatch as the ex-secondary residance of the caretaker, but never since.

Zowali Protectorate

The Zowali Protectorate is a territory of Wyrmroost inhabited by Talking Animals, led by a Talking Tiger named Raj Faranah.

The Talking Animals are able to talk, think like sentient beings, and live longer than normal animals would. They also tend to be bigger than the norm of their respective species. Carnivores and herbivores live together as the carnivorous Talking Animals never eat other talking animals, only normal animals that are dumb and mute.


Shelter is a building at the Zowali Protectorate that looks like a cross between a lodge and a giant stable, where their leader lives and a place to house guests and be hospitable, as well as a place to have meetings.


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