The Zowali Protectorate is one of the five protected territories of Wyrmroost, inhabited by talking animals, and occasionally by fairies, gnomes, and nymphs, and they are led by the talking tiger Raj Faranah. The talking animals are able to talk, think like sentient beings, and live longer than normal animals would. They also tend to be bigger than the norm of their respective species. Carnivores and herbivores live together as the carnivorous talking animals never eat other talking animals, only normal animals that are dumb and mute, though the crocodiles have been known to bend the rules. The Zowali Protectorate is largest and most organized population of talking animals, and it borders with the Sentient Wood. Some talking animals include crocodiles, snakes, vultures, coyotes, hens, horses, baboons, deer, pheasants, squirrels, and buffalo.


A creek with shallow water marks the border of a portion of the Protectorate, and beyond the barrier, a grove of aspens grow. The terrain involves woodlands, fields, and meadows, as well as streams and thick forests. Shelter, a building that looks like a hybrid between a lodge and a giant stable, is located deeper into the Zowali Protectorate. There, a large assemblage of animals live, including gazelles, monkeys, elk, panthers, owls, wolves, camels, beavers, bison, otters, hippos, and ostriches. Resting on a large pile of cushions, Raj Faranah awaits.


Patton mentioned being at the Zowali Protectorate in the past, when Hinto the Great ruled.

Wrath of the Dragon King

Kendra arrived at the Zowali Protectorate after Raxtus freed her and flew her there. She met the talking bear Gorban, who agreed to carry her to Shelter, and she eventually also met Sherman, a talking fox, who fetched the luvian Captain for Kendra to have a proper mount instead of the bear. Captain got her to Raj Faranah at Shelter, and the tiger put the stingbulb version of Patton Burgess out of his null box. Meanwhile, Seth, Knox, Tanu, and Lomo used shrinking potions, and along with Calvin, got flown to the Protectorate by Creya.

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